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venturi injector

Typical Application
Apply water and fertilizer in proportion during micro-irrigation, drip irrigation and micro-spray;
Inject flocculating agent and so on proportionally in water treatment;
Add chemical solvent in proportion in industrial chemical scene.
Feature & Advantage
1. Low cost,  easy operation, stable fertilizer concentration, free extra power ;
2. Realize fertilizing in proportion to maintain a constant nutrient concentration;
3. Realize the integration of irrigation & fertilization and save fertilizer and manpower;
4. PP material with high resistance to chemicals used in agriculture;
5. Built-in check valve to prevent the injection liquid backflow;
6. Adaptable to all micro-irrigation, drip irrigation and micro-spray systems;
7.Easy installation, operation and maintenance. 
How it works
Use three - way, elbow and other parts to connect Venturi fertilizer injector in parallel to the main valve of the main waterway. Turn down the waterway main valve when working, it will form a differential pressure which makes the water flow through the branch of Venturi injector. The Venturi tube is a kind of  converging passage that gradually widens (see diagram). When the water flow through the narrow Venturi pipe''s throat, the flow rate could become increased and the pressure could become decreased. When there is a smaller diameter pipe accordingly equipped in the Venturi tube''s throat, the created negative pressure would draw the liquid fertilizer into the pipe system to fertilize from the exposed fertilizer bucket. The switch valve at the entrance can adjust the proportion of the intake of water and fertilizer.

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